Invite Gendai and/or the Gendai MA MBA members for a talk or workshop. 

We would love to share our current learnings with you.

Past events/projects

  • Gendai and our long-time collaborator, Jasmine Mander, presented an artist talk at AU Arts about collaboration and collective work. March 27, 2023. Thank you to Justin Waddell for inviting and generously hosting us.
  • Gendai is featured in Luminato's new podcast, Desire Paths, which explores futures of the city, designed by artists. Our episode, Collective Futures, also features independent curator/community organizer Anu Radha Verma. Produced by Alex Rand, and co-curated by Hima Batavia and Alex Rand, with Creative Producers Macy Siu, Jeremy Glenn, and Robert Bolton of Toronto-based foresight studio, From Later.  
  • Gendai introduced our MA MBA and CO-OP programs and shared some dreams for institutional accountability. Hosted by Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Sunday, Nov 15 at 11 am EST.
  • Gendai was in conversation with Museum Professionals of Colour, a University of Toronto student association aimed at addressing the lack of racial diversity and representation within the Faculty of Information’s Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) program. Tuesday, Nov 3, 2020. 
  • Gendai workshopped the details of our CO-OP program and discussed the future of arts work at the New Voices in Work & Labour Studies Series. Hosted by York University's Global Labour Research Centre (GLRC) and the Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies (CAWLS), Friday, Nov 6, 2020.

Please note: Gendai does not present via a solo representative. While we do offer a sliding scale, our minimum is 2x CARFAC professional fees plus 10% for administrative labour costs. Please contact us for more info.  

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