Gendai GED: Guerilla Equity Development 

Gendai GED is an anti-racist arts & leadership March Break intensive for BIPOC  youth and their friends/allies. Developed in collaboration with Jasmine Mander (Echo Global Majority Book-Club) and Eva Verity (Esker Youth Engagement), GED offers a flexible, youth-led program that responds to individual participants' professional and community needs. The cohort is empowered with increasing agency and decision-making authority to collectively shape the week's content and form. Together, we begin to un-learn our white supremacist education, build trust/allyship with other equity-deserving youth, and solicit advice from a gang of anti-capitalist aunties. 

The spring 2023 pilot launched with Esker Foundation in Calgary, Alberta. Guest facilitators/collaborators include: Tola Adedipe and Noor Sayadi, Cindy Nguyen and Cordelia Snowdon-Lawley, Making Space, Alcove Centre for the Arts, Yolkless Press, and Mera Reyes.

Research & Development collaborators: John Hill, Vicky Hou, Jeannie Kim, and Tee Kundu. 

Thank you to the inaugural cohort: Ada, Britten, Hala, Inaya, Ka-Shadi, Lorecia, Marwa, Sebastian, and Sparrow.

Partially funded by the Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, Anti-Racism Action Program. 

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