Guidance Council 

Guidance Council is a bi-monthly, casual drop-in for BIPOC collectives to share stories, gossip, and solicit advice from each other. We are re-inventing forms of corporate networking, workplace gossip, and leadership training to focus on developing friendship, investing in each other, and mapping collective knowledge.

Guidance Council emerged from Gendai MA MBA: Mastering the Art of Misguided Business Administration, a year-long think tank for art collectives to address sector-wide challenges of precarity and isolation by improving capacity-building skills in a co-learning environment.

Guidance Council is currently organized by Alexandra Hong and Peter Rahul.

The fall 2021 pilot launch of Guidance Council is produced jointly with Long Winter, as part of Together Apart, an international bi-city festival and conference to build connections, capacity, and advocacy for DIY scenes in France and Ontario.

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